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Our Dentalgro Vs Getweave

Certainly, let's compare DentalGro and GetWeave in terms of the features they provide and their respective pros and cons.



  • Exclusive Listing on 50+ Dental Directories: DentalGro offers exclusive listings on dental directories, which can help dental practices increase their online visibility within the dental community.

  • Memorable Dental Toll-Free Number License: DentalGro provides memorable vanity phone numbers, such as "1-8 DENTISTRY," which can be a valuable branding tool for dental practices.

  • Live Call Transfers: DentalGro allows for live call transfers, ensuring that calls from potential patients are seamlessly routed to the dental practice.

  • New Patients By Inbound Text Messages: DentalGro leverages text messaging for patient acquisition, which is a convenient and effective way to reach potential patients.

  • Automated Appointment Booking: DentalGro's automated appointment booking system streamlines the scheduling process, making it easier for patients to book appointments.

  • Verified Reviews and Review Management: The platform assists in generating and managing verified reviews, which can enhance the reputation of the dental practice.

  • Email Marketing and Text Reminders: DentalGro includes email marketing and text reminders, helping practices stay engaged with their patient base.

  • Complete CRM: The platform offers a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage patient information effectively.

  • Unlimited Training and Support: DentalGro provides unlimited training and support, ensuring practices can maximize the benefits of their services.

Pros of DentalGro:

  • Specialized in dental marketing.

  • Offers memorable vanity phone numbers.

  • Comprehensive marketing services tailored to dental practices.

  • Emphasis on review generation and management.

  • Provides dedicated support and training.

Cons of DentalGro:

  • May be perceived as industry-specific, limiting its broader application.

  • Pricing information is not provided.


  • Communication Platform: GetWeave is primarily a communication platform that offers features like text messaging, phone calls, and appointment scheduling.

  • Text and Email Reminders: It includes text and email reminders to help practices keep their patients informed about appointments.

  • Review Generation: GetWeave also assists in generating reviews and managing online reputation, similar to DentalGro.

  • Appointment Scheduling: GetWeave provides tools for scheduling appointments, making it easier for patients to book and confirm their visits.

Pros of GetWeave:

  • Versatile communication platform suitable for various industries.

  • Offers text and email reminders for appointments.

  • Helps with review generation and reputation management.

Cons of GetWeave:

  • Not specialized in dental marketing; may lack industry-specific features.

  • Limited focus on exclusive directories and vanity phone numbers, which DentalGro emphasizes.

  • May not provide the same level of dental-specific support and training.

In summary, DentalGro is specialized in dental marketing and offers a comprehensive set of services tailored to dental practices, including exclusive directories and memorable vanity phone numbers. GetWeave, on the other hand, is a versatile communication platform that also offers some marketing features but may not be as tailored to the dental industry. The choice between the two would depend on the specific needs and priorities of a dental practice, with DentalGro offering a more specialized solution and GetWeave providing broader communication capabilities.

Product Features



Exclusive Listing on 50 + Dental Directories

Memorable Dental Toll Free Number License

Live Call Transfers

Exclusivity in Your Area

New Patients By Inbound Text Messages

Automated Appointment Booking

Distribute Discounts, Offers or Free Consultation

Verified Reviews

Review Management

Email Marketing

Dedicated Local Phone Number

Unlimited In-bound Phone Minutes

Call Tracking

Call recording

Text/SMS/MMS Marketing

1-on-1 text (Two Way SMS/MMs)

Text Keywords

Bulk Texting

Email and Text* Auto Responders

Mobile landing pages

Contact Capture

Complete CRM

Account Manager, Email, Phone and Chat Support

Unlimited Training

Branded Local advertising

Mobile optimized website

Integrated Patient Forms


Please note that while both DentalGro and GetWeave offer some similar features like appointment scheduling, text messaging, and review management, DentalGro specializes in dental marketing and provides exclusive listings, vanity phone numbers, and a complete CRM tailored for dental practices. GetWeave is a more general communication platform with a focus on appointment reminders and reputation management but may not offer the same level of dental-specific features and support as DentalGro. The choice between the two would depend on the specific needs and goals of a dental practice.