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Our Dentalgro Vs RevenueWell

Certainly, let's compare DentalGro and RevenueWell in terms of the features they provide and their respective pros and cons.



  • Exclusive Listing on 50+ Dental Directories: DentalGro offers dental practices the benefit of being listed on over 50 dental directories, which can significantly increase their online visibility and patient reach.

  • Memorable Dental Toll-Free Number License: DentalGro provides branded and memorable vanity phone numbers, such as 1-8 DENTISTRY, which can enhance brand recognition and make it easier for patients to remember and contact the dental practice.

  • Live Call Transfers: DentalGro offers live call transfer services, ensuring that potential patients are connected to the practice in real-time, increasing the chances of appointment bookings.

  • New Patients By Inbound Text Messages: The ability to attract new patients through inbound text messages is a convenient feature that can engage potential patients directly.

  • Automated Appointment Booking: DentalGro provides automated appointment booking, streamlining the scheduling process for both patients and the practice.

  • Verified Reviews and Review Management: DentalGro helps practices generate and manage verified reviews, which can build trust and credibility online.

  • Text/SMS/MMS Marketing: The platform supports text, SMS, and MMS marketing, enabling practices to communicate with patients effectively.

  • Email Marketing: DentalGro offers email marketing as part of its services, allowing practices to engage with their patient base through email campaigns.

  • Complete CRM: The platform includes a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, helping practices manage patient information efficiently.
    Pros of DentalGro:

  • Extensive directory listings for increased online visibility.

  • Memorable vanity phone numbers for brand recognition.

  • Live call transfers for real-time patient engagement.

  • Support for various communication channels (text, SMS, MMS, email).

  • Comprehensive CRM system for efficient patient management.

Cons of DentalGro:

  • The specific pricing and contract terms are not mentioned in the provided information.


RevenueWell is a dental marketing and communication platform that offers a range of features to help dental practices improve patient engagement and grow their businesses.Here are some of the key features and potential advantages:

  • Appointment Reminders: RevenueWell likely provides appointment reminder services to reduce no-shows and improve scheduling efficiency.

  • Patient Communication: RevenueWell may offer tools for two-way patient communication via text, email, and other channels.

  • Online Scheduling: The platform likely allows patients to schedule appointments online, offering convenience.

  • Patient Reviews: RevenueWell may help practices collect and manage patient reviews to enhance their online reputation.

  • Treatment Plans: The platform may assist in creating and presenting treatment plans to patients.

  • Patient Portal: RevenueWell may provide a patient portal where patients can access their information and communicate with the practice.

Pros of RevenueWell (Based on Common Dental Marketing Services):

  • Focus on improving patient communication and engagement.

  • Likely offers appointment reminders and online scheduling.

  • Reputation management through patient reviews.

  • May provide a patient portal for convenience.

Cons of RevenueWell:

Specific details about the extent of services, pricing, and contract terms are not provided in the user profile.

In summary, both DentalGro and RevenueWell offer digital marketing and communication services for dental practices, but their specific features and offerings may vary. DentalGro emphasizes directory listings, memorable vanity phone numbers, and multiple communication channels, while RevenueWell focuses on patient engagement, appointment management, and reputation enhancement. The choice between the two would depend on the specific needs and preferences of the dental practice. It's advisable to contact both companies directly for more detailed information and pricing.    
Product Features



Exclusive Listing on 50 + Dental Directories

Memorable Dental Toll Free Number License

Live Call Transfers

Exclusivity in Your Area

New Patients By Inbound Text Messages

Automated Appointment Booking

Distribute Discounts, Offers or Free Consultation

Verified Reviews

Review Management

Email Marketing

Dedicated Local Phone Number

Unlimited In-bound Phone Minutes

Call Tracking

Call recording

Text/SMS/MMS Marketing

1-on-1 text (Two Way SMS/MMs)

Text Keywords

Bulk Texting

Email and Text* Auto Responders

Mobile landing pages

Contact Capture

Complete CRM

Account Manager, Email, Phone and Chat Support

Unlimited Training

Branded Local advertising

Mobile optimized website


Integrated Patient Forms