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Our Dentalgro Vs SolutionReach



Certainly, let's compare DentalGro and Solutionreach in terms of the features they provide and their respective pros and cons.


Let's compare DentalGro with SolutionReach in terms of the features they provide and their respective pros and cons:

DentalGro Features:

  •   Exclusive Listing on 50+ Dental Directories: DentalGro offers a comprehensive dental directory listing service to boost a dental practice's online  presence.  

  •   Memorable Dental Toll-Free Number License: Provides branded and memorable vanity phone numbers for dental practices.

  •    Live Call Transfers: Offers live call transfer services to connect patients with dental practices.

  •   New Patients By Inbound Text Messages: Utilizes inbound text messages for attracting and engaging new patients.

  •  Automated Appointment Booking: Provides automated appointment scheduling to streamline the booking process.

  •  Review Generation and Review Management: Helps generate and manage patient reviews effectively.

  •  Email Marketing: Offers email marketing services for patient engagement and communication.

  •  Text/SMS/MMS Marketing: Utilizes text, SMS, and MMS for marketing campaigns.

  •  Complete CRM: Includes a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management system.

  •  Account Manager and Support: Offers dedicated account managers and various support channels.


  • Branded and memorable vanity phone numbers.       

  • Comprehensive digital marketing services tailored for dental practices.

  • Inbound text messaging for patient engagement.

  • Review generation and management tools.

  • Extensive support and account management.



SolutionReach Features:

  • Appointment Reminders: Sends automated appointment reminders to patients.

  • Patient Communication: Offers communication tools like email, text, and voice messages.

  • Online Scheduling: Provides online appointment scheduling for patients.

  • Reputation Management: Helps manage online reviews and reputation.

  • Patient Surveys: Allows practices to gather patient feedback through surveys.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Offers data analytics and reporting for performance tracking.

  • Mobile App: Provides a mobile app for on-the-go management.

  • Telehealth: Supports telehealth appointments.


  •  Specializes in patient communication and engagement.

  •  Robust reputation management and survey tools.

  •  Offers telehealth capabilities.

  •  Mobile app for convenient access.

  • Detailed analytics and reporting.


  • May not provide branded vanity phone numbers.

  •  Some features may be more focused on general healthcare rather than dental practices.     

  •  Pricing details are not publicly disclosed and may vary.

In summary, DentalGro is a specialized dental marketing agency that provides branded vanity phone numbers and a complete digital marketing platform tailored for dental practices.It excels in offering unique features like vanity phone numbers and directory listings.On the other hand, SolutionReach focuses on patient communication, reputation management, and telehealth, making it suitable for a broader range of healthcare practices.The choice between the two would depend on the specific needs and priorities of a dental practice.

Product Features



Exclusive Listing on 50 + Dental Directories

Memorable Dental Toll Free Number License

Live Call Transfers

Exclusivity in Your Area

New Patients By Inbound Text Messages

Automated Appointment Booking

Distribute Discounts, Offers or Free Consultation

Verified Reviews

Review Management

Email Marketing

Dedicated Local Phone Number

Unlimited In-bound Phone Minutes

Call Tracking

Call recording

Text/SMS/MMS Marketing

1-on-1 text (Two Way SMS/MMs)

Text Keywords

Bulk Texting

Email and Text* Auto Responders

Mobile landing pages

Contact Capture

Complete CRM

Account Manager, Email, Phone and Chat Support

Unlimited Training

Branded Local advertising

Mobile optimized website

Integrated Patient Forms